Silhouette Roll Feeder

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Silhouette Cameo Roll Feeder

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The Silhouette Roll Feeder provides an easy to use placement for rolled materials when cutting with your Silhouette machine. The Silhouette Roll Feeder is easy to use - just place the roll feeder in front of your Silhouette machine, and seat the material into your roll feeder. The Silhouette Roll Feeder will ensure that your material is loaded straight into your Silhouette Machine. You will no longer have to worry about improper loading alignment, and your rolled material will be perfectly cut every time. If you are doing large designs, or any project that requires several feet of vinyl or multiple sheets, this accessory will make the project much easier. 

You can use all of your rolled materials, such as vinyl and heat transfer materials. The feeder holds rolls up to 12" wide, and no tube is required. The roll "sits" on the feeder and you will need no additional parts or accessories. The accessory is adjustable to hold both narrow and wide rolls, depending on the model of Silhouette machine you are working with. The roll feeder is compatable with the Silhouette Cameo Silhouette Portrait, or Silhouette SD.