Fiskars 45mm rotary straight blade

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Product Description

The Fiskars 95318798J 45mm Rotary Blade makes clean, precise cuts through many kinds of materials including paper, fabric, thin plastic and metals, pictures, leather and light screen with Fisakrs general purpose 45mm rotary cutter. This set of two replacement straight blades for the cutter are handy to have tucked into a crafter's toolbox or workshop drawer so a dull edge will never slow a project down. Made of heat treated hardened stainless steel, the blades feature long lasting, razor sharp edges and a reusable clam package for prolonged blade life and convenient storage.

Fiskars-Rotary Cutter Blades Are Designed To Work With The Fiskars 45Mm Rotary Cutter And Most Major Brands Of This Size. Perfect For Cutting Materials Such As Paper Fabric Ribbon Felt Plastic Modeling Sticks And More. Made Of Stainless Steel And Has A Pinking Edge. Package Is Reusable For Storage And Prolonged Blade Life. Made In China.

Product Features

  • Set of 2 45mm rotary blades
  • For Use with Fiskars 45mm and 65mm Rotary Cutters, and Rotary Paper Trimmers
  • Cleanly cuts paper, fabric, thin plastic and metlas, pictures, leather, light screen and more
  • Great tool for many crafting types of projects
  • Heat treated hardened stainless steel baldes for long lasting razor sharp cutting