Silhouette Cameo PixScan Cutting Mat

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Silhouette Cameo PixScan Cutting Mat

Buy 13 x 12 inch Silhouette Pixscan Cutting Mat for Silhouette Cameo from Crafts Plus.

This Pixscan Cutting mat is made for Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machines.

Expand your crafting horizons with a number of new possibilities with PixScan technology. Just use this mat with your Silhouette Portrait to cut precisely around a printed design, or position cut lines around a specific location on your material. 

The PixScan mat is ideal for:

  • Turning hand-drawn sketches and lettering into cut jobs
  • Digitizing fabric patterns
  • Adding custom-cut borders and frames to professionally printed invitations
  • Replicating a pattern at its original size
  • Saving material and time using the nesting feature in Silhouette Studio®
  • Digitizing your stamp collection into corresponding cut files
  • Incorporating any printed image or pattern into your custom craft projects
  • Turning photos and magazine clippings into cut or sketch files
  • Saving any scanned or photographed image into your personal digital library

Contains: 1 Cameo PixScan™ 13 in. x 12 in. cutting mat