Instamold Temporary Mold Compound (12 oz)

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Use Instamold to make perfect molds of 3 dimensional objects in just minutes! Instamold is a water-activated, non toxic, temporary mold making compound. Instamold flexible molds will be able to reproduce intricate details for your projects. Instamold provides a very fine level of detail - even fingerprints can be reproduced! Material will not stick to the original object you are making a cast of, and it is safe for body castings. Instamold is the perfect material to use for craft projects for pottery and jewelry.

Instamold should be kept in an airtight container with a damp cloth to extend life. Instamold can cast with any pourable, self setting material that is below 300 Degrees F.

Completed molds can be cast with Permastone, art plastic, wax, resin, and many other casting compounds.


  • Safe for body castings
  • Temporary molds, can be reused for multiple casts
  • Holds without additional support
  • Air Dries
  • Made from Natural Materials
  • White when dry
  • Non-Toxic

You can find official Instamold instructions here.