Mod Podge Gloss Finish - 16oz

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Gloss Finish Mod Podge

  • Quick-drying for multiple coat build up on your mixed media projects
  • Dries clear, cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Certified AP non-toxic, water base
  • All-in-one glue, sealer, and gloss finish
  • The original formula, all-in-one glue sealer and finish, can be used to decoupage on nearly any surface
  • This Modge Podge product is sold in a 16 ounce plastic bottle

Mod Podge Glossy dries clear within 15-20 minutes and is non-toxic. It can be used as glue for paper, fabric, and other porous materials, as a sealer for wood, paper, and prints, and as a finish for printed material, decoupage, and fabric. Mod Podge can also be used as a painting medium for water-based paint for all surfaces. Apply your Mod Podge with a brush or sponge applicator and close the container after each use. Once dry, Mod Podge cannot be removed. Use as a puzzle saver, a sealer glue, a quick finish, a textured finish,or a build-up finish. Mod Podge is non-toxic, non-flammable and conforms to ASTM D 4236

Mod Podge is quick-drying for multiple coat build up and dries clear, and it can be sanded to a smooth finish. Cleans up easily while wet with soap and water. Mod Podge is an all in one decoupage glue, sealer and finish.