Poly Pellets Bulk 25 lbs

Poly Pellets 25lbs
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Buy a 25 lb box of Poly Pellets: weighted pellets enough for 2 large weighted blankets at Crafts Plus and we will ship them to your home or office.

This bulk box of Poly Pellets contains 25 lbs weighted pellets.

Our Poly Pellets are 100% polypropylene plastic pellets that may be used as a weighted stuffing material or as a filler when you make a doll, a teady bear, or a sensory blanket. Poly Pellets enable your creations to be flexible, so that your child may sit their teady bear down and move their arms in a lifelike manner.

All poly pellets have a smooth edge with an oval contour to create a uniform fill. Poly-Pellets combine easily with Poly-Fil fibers.

Poly Pellets are

  • Washable pellets,
  • Non-toxic pellets,
  • Easy to Use pellets,
  • Unconditionally guaranteed,
  • Pellets are made in the USA,
  • Use pellets in decorative crafts,
  • 100% polypropylene plastic pellets,
  • Between 3 mm and 5 mm ovals about 2 mm thick,


We are currently shipping Poly Pellets from Brampton, Ontario.


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