Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Black Permanent Markers (12 pack)

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Buy a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Black Permanent Markers (12 pack) at Crafts Plus and we will ship them to your home or office.

  • Ultra fine point is perfect for small details
  • Permanent on most surfaces.
  • Fast drying, fade and water-resistant ink is AP Certified nontoxic.
  • Pack of 12 Markers

This 12 pack of Sharpie Black Permenant Markers lets you get right to the point. The markers feature an extra precise 0.2mm point which will allow for very intiricate detail work. These sharpie markers will mark premenantly on most surfaces. These markers are fast trying, water resisitant and non toxic. These markers are excellent for labelling unconventional surfaces such as freezer and storage bags, and cardboard boxes. These sharpies have fine enough of a tip that they will be able to effectively write on sticky notes without bleedthrough.

It is often difficult to write on surfaces such as plastic. A lot of different pens attempt to be permenant on plastic, but have limited success. Magic markers and pens take forever to dry and leave a smell, while Sharpie permanent markers avoid these problems. They are perfect for all of your labeling needs. It is suggested you take good care of whatever you mark with these Sharpie markers, as the ink left behind is forever.