HDPE Pellets 48 lbs

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Buy a 48-lb box of small round pill-sized HDPE pellets for your doll projects. HDPE means High-density polyethylene.

  • Prime Non-Recycled Virgin Material
  • FDA Compliant, BPA Free
  • Non-Toxic, and Hypoallergenic
  • The melting point for HDPE pellets is 130 C.
In comparison, the melting point for the polypropylene pellet based Poly Pellets sell is 160 C.
HDPE plastic will break down over time. This breakdown process accelerates when the pellets are heated or mashed together in a washing machine.


High density polyethylene is the plastic commonly used for milk bottles, some juice containers and laundry products.
It is shown as number 2 on the triangle code. These containers can be translucent or colored and are somewhat stiff and well-suited for packaging products with a short shelf life, such as milk. However, used milk jugs are not well suited as food storage containers. While the plastic is considered food grade, milk containers are difficult to sanitize properly, and the plastic will break down over time. Chlorine bleach containers hold up somewhat better, but if water is stored in these containers, it should be used for purposes other than drinking, such as for laundry or dishes. Avoid using plastic garbage bags or plastic grocery bags made from this plastic as food storage liners.