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Buy a bag of Poly Pellets weighted beads at Crafts Plus and we will ship them to your home or office.

Poly Pellets are 100% polypropylene plastic pellets that may be used as a weighted stuffing material or as a filler when you make a doll, a teady bear, or a sensory blanket. Poly Pellets enable your creations to be flexible, so that your child may sit their teady bear down and move their arms in a lifelike manner.

All poly pellets have a smooth edge with an oval contour to create a uniform fill. Poly-Pellets combine easily with Poly-Fil fibers.

Poly Pellets are

  • Washable pellets,
  • Non-toxic pellets,
  • Easy to Use pellets,
  • Unconditionally guaranteed,
  • Pellets are made in the USA,
  • Use pellets in decorative crafts,
  • Between 3 mm and 5 mm ovals about 2 mm thick,
  • 2 lb / 906 g

Bulk prices for each 2 lb bag of poly pellets when you purchase a certain amount:

  • Buy 2 - 5 and pay only $16.00 each
  • Buy 6 - 11 and pay only $14.00 each

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